Writing Successful SEO Content for Your Website


If you’d like to attract new customers on the internet, you’ll need to start with engaging content. Even if your main presence on the internet will be on Facebook or Instagram, you must point your Facebook and Instagram followers to content. Engaging content comes in many forms, such as service pages on your website, blog posts, white papers, and infographics. As you’re writing SEO content for your website, always remember that it should be created with your customers and prospects in mind. Conducting and then referring to your keyword research will help you create quality content that will turn new visitors into returning ones.

Writing SEO Content for Your Website Starts with Keyword Research
Quality content creation always starts with keyword research. Keyword research will show you how people who use Google find businesses like yours. When you discover keywords that are highly relevant to your business and focus on integrating them into your website and your digital marketing efforts, visitors with high purchasing intent will be driven to your website, and your sales will increase.

Writing SEO Content Doesn’t Always Come Naturally
Writing SEO content doesn’t always come naturally. In fact, it may take someone outside of your company to kickstart ideas for you. Many, many years ago, I used to work in the writing center at my undergraduate alma mater, and I was tasked with helping students write things such as personal essays and cover letters. These students would come in with essays peppered with run-of-the-mill stories that had been written about by ten thousand college freshmen before them. When I began to ask them questions about what they’d written, however, they’d open up and reveal incredible details about themselves and their situations. You just may need someone like me to help you articulate just how amazing your business is.

Let’s Think of Engaging Content for Your Small Business
I once worked with an energy efficiency company whose owner struggled with differentiating his business from all the other energy efficiency companies in his area (Aside: who knew the business of energy efficiency was so cutthroat? I sense an idea for a reality television series brewing…). As the owner was discussing his company, I learned that before he’d started his business, he was a world-renowned (yes, world-renowned!) speaker on… wait for it… energy efficiency! Who knew? Certainly no one who visited his website. This was a detail that would have definitely differentiated his business from other businesses like his.

Stories like that are what drive engaging, unique content. And guess what? You have a story like that, too!

Are you a family-owned business? How many years have you worked in your field? Do you have experience that no one else in your field has? What is this experience? How does this make you a better choice than your competitors?

Growing Your Business Online Entails Writing Unique SEO Content
Now that you know what will attract people to your website — and also that unique SEO content is the foundation of most digital marketing for small business — it’s time to start writing that SEO content! Do you need help with that? Are you too busy working with the clients you have now to worry about your website’s SEO content? Well, as usual… I’m here to help! I’d love to interview you about your business to understand what helps you stand out from the crowd of your competitors, and I’m more than happy to conduct keyword research for you. Contact me to get help writing SEO content for your company’s website today!