SEO Proposal and Plan of Action (In-House)


When I began working for as the Internet Marketing Manager, the site’s on-page SEO had not been updated or edited in over a decade. The Books-A-Million IT Department was, of course, incredibly busy 150% of the time, so it remained very difficult to earn their bandwidth for any project — much less one that, in everyone’s eyes, did not even exist. 


However: when my miniscule amount of clout gained momentum due to my identification and mitigation of horrific ranking damage caused by one of Google’s dreaded algorithm updates, I was able to catch the attention of enough pairs of eyes to present an SEO Proposal that focused on how increased visitors would increased the company’s bottom line.


After the presentation, I was asked to develop an SEO plan of action, which can be found here.


By working alongside IT, I updated the on-site SEO, restructured the existing site content, and imported additional content in a scalable way. As a result, site traffic increased between 15 and 20 percent year over year.